Dundee photographerIt’s certainly a challenge to think of what pose you should use on your clients later because everyone is different. Just because it works on your previous ones, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the next ones. With wedding photography, it’s more challenging as they expect to get the same ‘oomph’ like those pictures you put on your portfolios, but they expect it to be uniquely them as well. A lot to take in, eh.

Fortunately, we have prepared 4 tips that a Dundee photographer can follow when it comes to posing couples.

Get to know them

You can think about the poses, the location, and your lenses later. First of all, please, be that photographer who personally knows the clients you are working with. That means you need to actively engage them in conversation as much as possible. Don’t make your couple feel more awkward than they already are.

The more comfortable they are around you, the easier it is to get natural expressions out of them. You can be formulating an awesome pose and have planned for the best location, but it’s all for naught if your clients can’t just get into it. Constantly keep the session engaging by making jokes, asking them common questions to break the ice and keep them relaxed.

Don’t nitpick

The clients you work with are not professional models who know which side of their body looks best. Most of the time, they are pretty awkward to have couple of pictures taken officially because it’s pretty obvious why: it’s most probably their first time. A Dundee photographer has to remember that it’s part of his job to help inexperienced, awkward and shy couples look awesome and dazzling on their pictures.

So, instead of telling your couple they tilted their head the wrong way, give them encouragements: “Yes, that’s great. Could you please tilt your head a little towards your man?” This kind of words doesn’t make them feel guilty and look bad.

Get a list of pictures they want

Another great way to make sure you don’t miss a single thing is to let your clients write down things they certainly don’t want you to miss. Some couples are not sure the best way to do this, so start with group pictures. You can even print out a template and let your clients fill them! It gives them a hint on where to start and it’s also easier for you to comprehend if every client uses the same format.

Additionally, you can ask them to show you wedding pictures they really like seeing. Some brides are heavily inspired by Pinterest and Instagram. They probably want to recreate those poses, so consult with them beforehand if that’s the case. Tell them if those poses are possible to execute and the risks that may come with it.

Expressions over poses

A lot of photographers focus so much on posing, they forget that the most important part is getting the right expression. If your clients are finally settling in, it will be easier to get great shots. This is also the same way the professional Dundee photographer from Chris Scott Photography manages to get amazing shots every time.

Grand Rapids photographerMost photographers venture into photography as a hobby at first, but as time goes on, they begin to see it as more than just a pastime. After a while, the concept of starting a business begins to play in their head.

If you are one of those that have finally committed to starting your own business as a Grand Rapids Photographer? Then, that’s a good thing! A good business idea needs a good name to go with it. Also, having a business name actually legitimizes the fact that you are actually making a go of being independent. In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can create the perfect name for your new venture.

Read below:


When contemplating a business name, one thing you ought to look at is the niche you want to specialize in. There are different niches of photography from wedding, event, corporate productions, portrait etc. With the various niches out there, you can be certain that each one has its style demands. The name you also decide to choose for the venture should evoke the feelings this type of photography exudes.

For example, if you want to start a wedding photography business, think of a name that will make any prospective client think of weddings immediately. Settling for generic names will not help to push across the message of you being someone that knows your craft.


The same way the niche is very important when choosing a name is the same way clients are important. As a matter of fact, clients and niches go hand in hand after all, clients will venture into your niche when they need that particular service. When choosing a name, you need to ensure it is one that resonates within the heads of your client and unifies your niche as well.

When your clients hear your name, they ought to also think of the niche immediately. You can take inspiration from a lot of things when deciding on a name. If you are located in a particular locale, you can use a famous landmark! It will always bring to mind special memories for your clients.


You can also decide to go with the symbolic route when choosing a name for your business as a Grand Rapids Photographer. Every photographer has a journey that leads them to where they are (i.e, starting a business). Over the course of the journey, what were the things that shaped you? Were you moved to start a photography business based on certain experiences?

The story does not have to be epic but something that you feel shaped your current state. The story behind every brand’s name is what most of them use to market themselves. Going the same route will make you appear more appealing to clients. Remember that staying original and true to yourself is a priority. Do not think up a story just for the sake of having one.

For more on what a Grand Rapids Photographer can do to create a business name, visit https://www.chrystinmelaniephotography.com/

same sex wedding photographerPhotography is an expensive endeavour, and it requires a great deal of attention to what the cost of doing business will be and what it should cover. For those trying to break into the business, it is essential to be aware of exactly what the process entails, and how to go about it.

There are many factors to keep track of when starting a business as a same sex Wedding Photographer , and a lot of advice on how to deal with the cost of doing business. Having knowledge and awareness of these factors will help out with the following:

Maximising profit

A photography business is a massive investment, and you have to make sure that you will not lose money. You have to be fully aware of what the cost of doing business will be, from taxes to salaries to equipment, and from there you have to make sure you keep hitting your target. Clients can ebb and flow, so it is best to plan for some uncertainty in that regard. Make sure that you invest wisely in your business, and that you see a return on that investment. Knowing your cost of doing business will also allow you to make an informed decision on your rates in a way that brings clients in while still being sustainable.


Knowing the cost of doing business will allow you to stay on top of your business strategy as a same sex wedding photographer. Keep track of what you are offering and how to ensure that it stays relevant and that it will get you enough to make a profit out of it. Keep an eye on the constantly-evolving market and adapt some of your services accordingly, but always keep some base services as they are. Don’t depend on needing extra services to make up for the money invested. Make sure you are offering services that will be profitable to your business, rather than based on what everyone else is offering in the area. Calculate your experience, your time, the equipment, and the work involved in providing the service, and make decisions based on that. Market your photography as what it is: a business.

Standing out

Keeping track of your cost of doing business doesn’t mean you have to stick to the basics. Establish a reputation by going beyond what is expected from a photography studio. Offer themed shots and unique add-ons, such as large-scale canvas printing and special non-traditional materials. Volunteer for charity events to get your name out there for a good cause. You can also auction photography sessions for particular causes, which will also cement your reputation as a photographer while adding clients to your list and images to your portfolio. Keep in mind how to play with discount offers in a way that pleases your clients without minimising your investment in the project.

The cost of doing business is an essential part of working in photography. It will enrich your photography venture and establish your name, as well as ensuring your success. Keep an ongoing calculation of it, and you will be taken far.

For more on what a same sex wedding photographer needs to know, visit Paul Grace Photography.

newborn photography CalgaryNewborn photography Calgary is quite popular when a baby is born. The parents take it upon themselves to visit a studio like dulcebabyphotography.com. The pictures taken from the studio can serve different purposes such as a birth announcement or a keepsake for future reference.

Now, as a newborn photographer who understands that their is a large untapped market for newborn photography, what are you doing or what can you do to ensure that you are the service provider parents come to for a picture of their newborn? Every photographer needs an action plan. You cannot always expect the client to come to you. Most times, it should be the other way round.

If you do not actively think of ways to attract more customers and satisfy their needs, believe me, someone else will be doing that and before you know it, you are too late to recover your own share of the market. A good business goal or action plan makes it easier for you to define a business strategy. This strategy is what guides your process of operation and keeps your business running.

One thing that is advisable for photographers to do is to always research the possible needs of their target market and develop solutions around these needs. In the case of newborn photography Calgary, we have been able to pinpoint certain products or services that parents might find useful and the photographer Calgary should offer.

  • Pregnancy Documentary

Although this is a bit different from taking pictures of a newborn, the photographer can still take pictures of the growing bulge of the mother of the child. The pregnancy Documentary takes note of the changes which the mother of the child undergoes while carrying the child for a period of 9 months. It does not necessarily have to include the entire image of the mother.

The pregnancy Documentary can be referred to as more of a before phase. That is, the phase before the child gets born. For the parents of the baby, it can be a way to reminisce with the child in future.

  • Announcement Shoot

For first time parents, a means for them to make family and friends aware of the birth of their new child is by taking a picture. You can offer services that cover this. After the birth of the child, you can help the parents arrange for a proper shoot that can be uploaded online or developed as a newsletter to be sent to parties interested.

  • Digital and Paper Images

We are in the digital age so a photographer, you should be willing to diversify. Individuals are more likely to want a digital image than a paper image. Digitals can be stored online, saved in a cloud or shared on sites. This is way more flexible than paper which can be easily damaged or lost. Therefore, make sure that while you offer paper image options, the clients also get the chance to have the digital versions.

In newborn photography Calgary there are different ways to ensure that you stand out from the competition but that is if only you are willing to be proactive and innovative.

wedding photographers South WalesSomeone said, “to capture the memory of your wedding, you’ll need to find, book, and pay for reliable wedding photographers South Wales”. Better still, if you want to avoid any possible regrets, you’ll need at least two wedding photographers for your special day. There are usually so many simultaneous moments at weddings and just one photographer will not be enough to capture them all.

Aside from not being able to capture memorable simultaneous moments, here are some other reasons why you need more than one wedding photographer South Wales for your wedding events.

  1. Make great memories from different perspectives

It’s a wedding; there are two people involved. Both of them deserve to tell their stories like they want to with the help of a photographer. This is more than enough reason to hire at least two photographers for a wedding. This means that right from dressing up for the wedding, to walking down the aisle, and to the reception venue, a photographer should be ready to capture it all.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t you (as a bride or the groom) want multiple locations captures all at once? Even if your wedding is not on the large side, there is no shutter bud so swift and talented enough to every memorable moment happening in every corner of the room.

  1. More than one photographer means a backup plan

Photobombs happen everywhere, even at weddings. A guest can step in front of the photographer during the kiss and ruin the image. It’s going to be a bit strange not to come across a photobomb all throughout a wedding. As sad as this may sound, hiring more than one photographer can take care of this.

If one of your wedding photographers booked could not attend the occasion as a result of an emergency, you’d be glad you hired a second. What about a memory card malfunction? All these are unforeseen reasons why you need to book more than one wedding photographers South Wales.

  1. Capture more in less time

Time is always short at weddings, and there is only so much one photographer can do under pressure. With a second photographer, the bride can hang out with one while the groom hangs out with the other. This way, the activities of both sides can be captured right from getting ready to the wedding venue. (while one photographer is capturing the bride walk down the aisle, the other is capturing the reaction of the groom), and then the reception.

You can capture, not just more in less time, but you can capture a great volume of images for your wedding with two photographers at work.

Great wedding photos by competent photographers are the only representation of your wedding in the physical form aside videos. You can take a look at them anytime, and even your kids get to see what your wedding day was like. Investing in at least two wedding photographers South Wales is really worth it.

If you’re planning a wedding and you on the lookout for a competent photographer to cover the event, we recommend Kate Adams Photography.

wedding photography Northern IrelandLive, love, laugh that is the essence of what weddings ought to be. When the word wedding is said,  there is just something magical about that it makes everyone smile without even knowing why. True, there are thousands of preparations needed for your wedding to get under way, and you probably are stressed beyond your wits with little details, imagining what can possibly go wrong. Even if you hire a wedding planner, you cannot stop to worry about everything. It is your wedding, after all. You are entitled to be worried. But not too much, for you are supposed to be radiant and blooming and all smiles in your special day, while you engage in a wedding photography Northern Ireland can offer.

Wedding in Northern Ireland

To tie the knot in a very romantic setting in Northern Ireland is absolutely beyond amazing. There is something alluring about rustic barns that provide a humble, yet dreamy location for exchanging of vows. The traditional county houses and estates are filled with charm, surrounded by gorgeous nature. The romantic castles where royal blood used to live in is quite a fairy tale to be married in. Every girl dream of meeting a prince, and every boy fantasized to be a prince who sweeps a beautiful princess off her feet. To be married in a place where your childhood dreams often produce is like living in a fantasy world that becomes all too real. You can get married in the stylish hotels and resorts and enjoy luxury after, or you can say your sacred commitment inside a glorious church.

Wedding photography at its best

Wherever you may choose to hold your wedding day, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the wedding photography Northern Ireland has lined up for you to choose from. Your wedding photos are essential to your day, as they will forever be the proof of the superior happiness you have in marrying the love of your life. Your magical day needs to be captured skillfully by a professional wedding photographer who is extremely passionate about photography. Each photo tells a tale of your joy, and you need to make sure that your chosen wedding photographer knows how to put you at ease, gets the chance to get to know you, your loved ones, and friends.

To give life to a photo, familiarity is very important. A photographer who can easily bring out your remarkable personality through art is absolutely worth keeping. It is a great plus that you are getting married in a very romantic county, where it is quite easy to blend in with nature and with the historic buildings. However, your beautiful background is not enough. You need the best wedding photography Northern Ireland can offer you. Michael Love Photography is an exceptional photography genius who can capture the best moments of your wedding day. All you have to do is be at your best happy self, be genuinely having fun without worrying, and your photographs will preserve your happiness of that day for a long time to come.

wedding photographer HertfordshireThere are many kinds of wedding photographers. The world is filled with variety and it’s befitting to see this! We are glad that variations exist from a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire to alternative ones. However, there are also certain kinds of photographers you must avoid!

A family member

We often see couples getting married to their family members in charge of the wedding pictures. It’s truly touching to see that all family members are giving their all to help the couples. If there are things they can do, it will definitely help the couple save some money. But there’s something more.

A professional wedding photographer will help you with things you have to prepare or what they need to know in advance. They also show examples of their works and help you choose the kind of style that will fit you the most. Most of the time, they bring equipment to capture wedding pictures under different conditions and it is surprising to see how creativity thrive even under the most impossible circumstances.

But a beginner photographer may not be able to do all that. While creativity rules over everything, experience dictates whether they will be able to be properly executed. Not to mention that it’s terribly important to know how to handle certain situations that could impact really bad for the photography.

A new guy

Others things that it’s a good idea to hire a cheap wedding photographer who’s also just started out. It’s not going to be a problem because he’s been through professional classes. We won’t be judging a new guy because he could turn out to be a complete genius.

Or not.

A professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire like www.rafeabrook.co.uk also started out somewhere. But first of all, they have something to prove that they know what they are doing. It doesn’t mean they have experience in being hired. They could be helping out and getting their own experience by shooting at a friend’s wedding. They could also be assistants to professional photographers before.

You need to see something concrete enough to let you decide if the wedding photographer really knows what he’s doing. You can judge his style and discuss what you like and what you expect from the photographer. It will also prevent disappointments and help your photographer plan and prepare himself.

Does-everything guy

There is another type of photographer who accepts anything photography related. Surely, it’s just about taking pictures, how hard could it be?

Wedding photography is a very complicated work that involved consultations, planning, whole-day work, pictures editing, wedding album designs sometimes, and many more. They are responsible for many things and it’s rightly so, as you want everything done by the person you know. You can’t just let the photographer hand the job over to someone else!

A wedding photographer Hertfordshire has to be someone who focuses on taking wedding pictures. He could have previous experience in different field of photography and that’s okay. You also want the photographer who only accepts tasks he can deal with. He should have a threshold he shouldn’t cross every year.

wedding photographers KentIn the client-photographer relationship, trust is highly important and needed. You should trust your wedding photographer. if you don’t, then don’t hire him.

You will trust your photographer to take good pictures. You will also trust him to be well-behaved and not cause any ruckus with any of the guests. You will trust your photographer to provide a professional service based on your agreement.

You will trust your photographer to deliver your photos promptly, both in terms of quality, quantity and timing. You will trust him or her for so many things. As Wedding photographers Kent, we value our client’s trust and it sets us apart.

And it is all because you will not be there to monitor his or her activities. You will be busy with your wedding – it is your wedding of course.

So much trust is normally placed in your wedding photographer. That is how it is supposed to be. But there are horrible stories out there of how wedding photographer failed their clients and disappointed them.

We have provided some guidelines you can – and should – follow to protect yourself from disappointments.

1. Hire a Professional

The first way to protect yourself is to hire a professional wedding photographer. Not that sophomore student in the college nearby who is still fresh in the business. Or Aunt Nancy who happens to have a good camera, and occasionally takes pictures of buildings, animals and landscape.

Ensure you hire a professional with a good number of years of experience. a professional photographer will have a website where pictures from VARIOUS weddings he has shot will be displayed. Many will have certifications and trainings, and you will see client reviews and recommendations.

Wedding photographers Kent at https://www.pennyyoungphotography.com/ understand that those small details matter. And putting them together, you can know whether your photographer is a professional or not.

2. Have an Interview

Whether the photographer came by recommendation from a trusted buddy, or you sought him or her through the internet or through wedding catalogues and magazines, find time for an interview.

Through an interview, whether on skype, in his or her office or in your house, you get to know the person you are talking to. Prepare relevant questions and don’t be afraid to ask them. Ask for albums of weddings they have shot at. Ask about prices and packages and if they can be flexible enough to accommodate some of your wants.

You should not leave the interview without a full understanding of what you are getting into. The photographer should not leave too without a solid understanding. Of course, it is not compulsory to seal a deal in the first interview. So, give it time.

3. Have Your Copy of The Contract

A wedding photographer who doesn’t take legal documentations seriously is a no-no. To avoid the utmost disappointment, make sure that after both of you agree on a deal or package, he provides a legally-binding written contract to be signed by both parties.

By appending your signatures, the document can be upheld in a court of law. So, ensure you have your own copies too.

Contracts ensure that your investments are protected. Whether you want to hire a wedding photographer Kent or elsewhere, ensure that your investments are well protect with a contract.

4. Communicate Before the Wedding Day

Finally, it will go a long way to call and talk to your wedding photographer a day or two before the wedding. You should revisit your agreement, the time he should be at the venue, and discuss your expectations, reminding him or her that you have placed faith in their expertise.

wedding photographer CardiffAs a wedding photographer Cardiff, attending the rehearsal to your every job can do more good than you thought.
For beginners, it seems like the obvious thing to do, but for veterans and experienced ones, what else can it do? Here you will find all the good things about attending the rehearsal for your clients’ weddings.


There’s never a bad thing in too much practice. Even if you have trained yourself a lot out there, there’s nothing like practicing at the actual place. Every venue poses different challenges and opportunities that you can explore if you are there in person.
You can also practice with your clients. You are used to becoming a photographer, but your clients are not used to become your model. Practicing won’t just help them become better models but will also get them to feel more comfortable around you. And that’s a very important thing if you want the pictures to look natural.

Build rapport

Another important reason to stay around your clients is that you don’t have other time to get together with them. You can establish a better relationship with them and improve your work result. A good rapport means that these people are more used to being around you and you also have the chance to get together with the family as well!
The family will also be part of the wedding photography, so if they’ve recognized you from before, it’ll be easier for them to act natural. Of course, this also means you have to greet them and introduce yourself to everyone else as well.

Take better pictures

Basically, you can take better pictures if you knew which works and which don’t. A wedding photographer Cardiff can always get a better inspiration by being there. We can show you proof on www.kateadamsphotography.com. The pictures she took are incredible, taken from creative angles.
You can practice with your clients to test out the poses that you have planned before. Trying it on the spot is always different versus simply practicing them at home and by looking at the pictures. This way you can immediately come up with something that suits the place better and immediately test it!

Show care

By attending their rehearsal, you show that you care about their wedding. The willingness to invest your time in attending it is something they will appreciate. Not every wedding photographer is willing to attend their client’s rehearsal. Of course, there are times when you just can’t attend the rehearsal, but make sure that it will never become a reason that keeps preventing you to.
A wedding photographer Cardiff must always remember that you are dealing with clients who are not experienced in setting up their own wedding. This is their first and hopefully their last, so showing that you care will really move them.

Better wedding photographer

With all the benefits that you’ve seen, you can know that with attending the rehearsal alone, you are becoming a better wedding photographer. You can take better pictures, grow better ideas on the spot, give advice and appear caring to your clients.

family portraitsThere’s always room for improvement. The quest is to figure out where can you expand your skills as a family photographer. You can capture better family portraits by catching up with the following tips.

Get to know the family

Building rapport is important no matter the kind of business you’re in. You want to get money from people, so you better be someone that they can like. Not to mention that it’ll also make it easier for you to give directions and for them to be relaxed throughout the session.

Get them close together

It’s a family, so it’s only reasonable that you try to fit everyone in as close as possible. Get them together like how a close family would look like and use various poses to do this. Start with the classic, lined up pose and then continue to a more relaxed, playful ones that the family can enjoy doing.

Advise on clothing

The family should look like a squad when they take the pictures and clothing is a good way to show that. Get them to wear something that matches, like all-black, red & black, or the jersey to their favorite football team. Anything to show that they’re a team.

Make sure that they are not wearing something too flashy unless formal and classy is the theme. If you’re planning to go outdoors, wear something they will comfortable in to move around, but still look casual-formal for the occasion.

Do something fun

You can also engage the family in fun activities. Family portraits always look natural when taken by www.sharanrai.com. It’s because the photographer always knows how to put the people he’ll be taking pictures of in their most relaxed mood. It allows their genuine expressions to show up, something that actually family wants to capture.

Let the flow roll

It’s best that the photographer doesn’t try to take over the flow of the mood. Each family has their own uniqueness and rather than trying to control how it’s going to turn out, taking pictures as things happen. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell them what to do or just let the kids run out the frame.

Discussing things with the family beforehand can help you get a hang of how they are and what kind of pictures you can get. You can also figure it out when it’s getting out of hand and when to come in and give the directions.

Learn what the family want

It’s always the hardest to figure out what exactly does the family want. They can talk about their mutual hobbies, family histories, the reason for gathering up on that day, but it can be hard to pinpoint the kind of picture they want to see. The best thing that will get you close to it is to get to know more about them.

You need to invest time, of course. A few exchanges won’t get you anywhere, so making sure that you also have the communication skills to crack up aunties and uncles is important. They will surely make the family portraits you capture mean a lot more than simply a picture of a bunch of them being together.