photography seoCreating a blog or website is an inseparable part of becoming a businessman, even if the photographer is your occupation. Like it or not, the Internet is a powerful place and these days, it’s just a must for one if you don’t want to be left out of all other fancy websites. That also mean you have to learn how to master photography SEO and not just spam the hell out of it.

Clients tend to not return to photographer sites unless they have daily updates on different artworks to post. Most of the time, you have to be a traveler photographer to do this. Otherwise, people aren’t really interested to go there. So, why blog?

Increase your chance to be found

With blogging, you can upload as many articles and artworks as you want to increase the chance of your site being found. While pictures can also serve as something to find you, they are more complicated to work with. You have to work around the naming of the files, the tags, alt texts, and descriptions of them.

Using the wrong sentences will lead all those words you try to think of useless. So, focusing on the content of the blogs are more important. For example, a wedding photographer will want to constantly upload their latest works (if allowed) and also useful tips for newlyweds or couples in search of a photographer.

Because pictures are harder to tackle, we’d recommend you to take a training class or session at They teach and will even help do photography SEO for you.

Don’t let your site be buried

Google is very selective in showing answers to the keywords used in Google search address bar. This is because Google wants to show only up to date solutions, news, and feeds to be shown to the users. That means your site also needs constant updates. No matter how lazy you are, imagine if you’ll ever go back to a site that lacks update for a month.

Some photographers leave this job to the expert, such as hiring a separate entity to handle the blogging. Others do it on their own by uploading and writing about their latest work. Whichever it is, constant updates will tell Google that your site is active and deserves to be shown to those searching for it and blogging is the easiest, less-spamming activity you can do.

Improve your marketing

It’s also a marketing strategy. Through your informative blogs, people will be interested to find out more about this photographer that is eager to tell visitors lots of things. It’s indirectly letting them cultivate trust in you. Of course, this is possible if you execute the right photography SEO strategy to your site.

Depending on where you build your site on, there will be different technique and ways to maintain and upgrade your site. We’d heavily recommend WordPress as it’s the most worldwide used, leading to a lot of people writing on guides, tips, and tricks to use it. Many themes and plugins are also designed to be compatible with WordPress, so it’s easier to mix and match to your need.