Why Your Family Should Have a Portrait Photography Shoot

When a visitor goes to our house, one thing that they usually take notice is the family portrait hanging on our wall. It’s a stunning piece of artwork from an amazing Newborn Photographer in Raleigh – we adore it.

The visitor will ask us about it and of course we proudly point out each member of our family in the picture. A family portrait gives us a sense of pride. As some of you will know my son is in the Navy for for security reasons I can’t share the image with you here.  Trust me though – it is amazing!

We love the thought of having family members who are always there to assist and protect us. There is a sense of belongingness whenever we see our family portrait. For large families, it is often difficult to have everyone gather in one location at the same time. This is the very reason why a family portrait photography shoot is seldom taken. But then, that shouldn’t stop your family from having a portrait photography shoot.

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Here are some reasons and benefits why your family should set time to have your family photo taken.

1. Displaying family pictures in your bedroom, living room and other parts of the house tells how you give importance to your family. When your kids see how you give importance to your family, then in the future they will also show the same thing to their own families.

2. A family portrait tells a story of your family heritage. Try to schedule for a photo shoot annually or every two years. It is fun to look at how each member developed over the years.

3. It preserves memories that next generations can view. You can show your family portraits to your children when they grow up and even to your great grandchildren so that even if they haven’t seen the other members of the family, they will still see and get to know them through the family pictures.

4. A family photo shoot can serve as a “family reunion”. During a family photo shoot, most if not all members are around and this is a great way to know and bond with your relatives. It is best to schedule a family photo shoot on a holiday so that everybody can come. Start calling and planning at least a month so you can agree on what the best day will be. It will surely be a blast to bond with your family during the photo shoot. You can even organize a family dinner after that.

5. Just looking at your family portrait makes you happy and proud. When you are stressed or sad or away from your family, staring at your family picture can wash away your sadness because the picture can provide you comfort. Studies even indicate that merely “touching” a family portrait can stimulate one’s brain thus making your body and mood better.

6. Children will remember their past by looking at the family portraits you have gathered over the years. It will be fun to look at the pictures together and notice the changes in one another.

7. Kids will feel safe and protected if they see happy pictures of their family inside their house. This helps instill in their minds the importance of being united and working together no matter what hardships they encounter.

A family photography shoot really has benefits that you should not take for granted. It would be wise to gather, plan and schedule your family portrait photography shoot now.

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